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Thank you to all the many people who have worked to make these Interactive Learning Centres.

All RSM Staff were involved in building the Interactive Learning Centres to some degree. Special thanks go out to the following staff for their special contribution:

RSM Staff:
  • David Baron
  • Kasey Brewer
  • Ron Borden
  • Jane Chapco
  • Laura Herman
  • Paula Hill
  • Lee-Ann Irvine
  • Paul James
  • Naomi Jardine
  • Michele Kraetzig
  • Robert Kreba
  • Danielle Pearson
  • Penny Pedersen
  • Jeanette Pepper
  • Keith Roney
  • Glenn Sutter
  • Ron Tillie

We couldn’t have built the ILCs without help from the following volunteers, contractors, and other agencies. Thank you all!

  • Ryan Csada
  • Blair Fraser (Blair Fraser Exhibits Ltd.)
  • Bob Hawkey
  • Paule Hjertaas
  • Marshall Janzen (Launch Design Group)
  • Naomi Jardine
  • Robert J. Long (Waterhen Productions)
  • Ray Poulin
  • Ron Hooper
  • Cayley Humphries (Blair Fraser Exhibits Ltd.)
  • Danielle Todd
  • Jon Triffo

  • Paul Chytyk
  • Don Hooper
  • Ron Hooper
  • Naomi Jardine
  • Fred W. Lahrman
  • Robert J. Long
  • Parks Canada
  • Jon Triffo
  • Christina Habicht
  • Lorelei Horacki-Swenson
  • Lowell Strauss
Other Agencies:
  • Sheila Lamont (Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre)
  • Steve Porter (Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre)
  • Terra Reynoldson (Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre)